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In my early childhood, I read books such The Chronicles of Narnia, Swallows and Amazons, and the Famous Five series. I still fondly remember them, and for many years have had an ambition to write a children's fantasy adventure of my own.
 It was easy to imagine my young niece and her three brothers in such situations. They are lovely children, yet are always getting up to something. They have the family nickname of 'The Tribe' and are very different characters. Obviously I know them very well, and how they interact with each other, so perhaps I could use them in a story?  But which story?

Then one day, whilst walking my Border Collie in the woods, I spotted something half buried under a tree stump. On closer inspection, I saw that it was only an old and battered football. From a distance though, it had appeared to be a giant egg, and in that moment Dragon Magic was born!

In the Dragon Magic story the places visited in the book really do exist. Their lives are completely changed when they befriend a baby dragon they discover in the woods. His mother had laid her egg on earth for safety, with the intention of coming back for him.

 When the Dragon Queen finds him with the children, she asks if they will keep an eye on him as it is not safe for her to take him back to their home planet. She weaves a spell of invisibility around him and gives them each a talisman so that they can still see him. These gifts also have a magic spell which enables them to instantly go to anywhere they wish, simply by just picturing it in their minds.

They find this good fun, until they make a silly mistake which takes them back in time to a medieval castle. There they meet an alchemist with ambitions in sorcery. He steals Michael's talisman, which traps them in the middle ages.They then need help to free them from the dungeon, and a different kind of magic to get them back home.
During their time travel adventure they make a discovery which will assist the Dragon Queen in her quest to rid her home planet of a wicked wizard.


from Dragon Magic
"My name is Niobi, Queen of the dragons of Trygon, a distant planet"

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